Mirrored rooks plate 22.5cm


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Two rooks fly in opposite directions, mirroring each other. The blue black of the birds contrasting dramatically with the creamy white background and the warm terracotta edge. A plate designed to be a stand alone decorative piece that can be simply displayed but also functional and robust enough to be used as rather special tableware.

Hand built with red earthenware clay and decorated with layers of coloured slip. The image is created from pieces of newspaper, applied with water then painted over with more slip. When dry the paper is pulled off and the image revealed and the details are added with a fine brush and sgraffito (scratching through the slip).

When bone dry they are bisque fired to 1000 degrees and then dipped in glossy transparent glaze and then fired again to 1135 degrees.

This method of making and decorating means no two pieces will be exactly alike.

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Diameter: 22.5cm
Height: 1cm
Please note that as this is a handcrafted product there may be small variations in size and colour.
Handwash only