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I have been making and decorating ceramics for 25 years. Having always had a love of pattern, line and colour, this has dominated my work until fairly recently.

I am lucky enough to live a stone’s throw (well almost) from the South Downs National Park and part of my daily routine is taking my two lurchers up onto the hills and through the woodland near me.

The rooks cawing and the larks singing accompany me each morning and the wild flowers which are so abundant throughout spring and summer are a delight to the eye.

My wolfy design began as a dog (lurcher of course!) but slowly evolved and is certainly inspired by my dog’s slinky gait and their habit of hurtling after rabbits.

My decorating technique has also evolved over the years and I now almost exclusively use a paper resist method.

It is fiddly and time consuming but immensely satisfying. It involves creating the image out of (often tiny) individual components from newspaper (wings, legs, stems, ears! etc) These are attached with water to an already slipped piece then more slip is applied.

Once dry the paper is peeled off revealing the image and I then add more detail either painting or sgraffitoing (scratching through the painted layers) I love this whole process and feel there is something akin to printmaking in it.

Because of the nature of my work, I don’t make large quantities.

My online shop is now open where I intend to have regular updates of small limited edition batches. These will be advertised on Instagram.

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