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I have been making and decorating ceramics for 25 years. My decorating technique has evolved over the years and I now almost exclusively use layers of coloured slips and paper resist with sgraffito detailing. I love this process and feel there is something akin to printmaking to it.

I have recently developed two new ranges inspired by the oceans: Seaweed pattern and Endangered sea species. I am learning more and more about the damage we humans and the climate change we have created is doing to our oceans and the species that exist in them. Something I didn’t know before is that we get half our oxygen from the oceans and we are perhaps unwittingly causing untold damage, a great deal of which can’t be reversed. Greenpeace is an extraordinary organisation that has worked tirelessly on our behalf to protect our oceans. So I had them in mind when I developed my Sea species range and because of that I am donating 20% of the sales from this range to Greenpeace. I will be making more work inspired by a wide range of endangered species and will be updating my online shop as often as I can. Because of the nature of my work I don’t make large quantities.

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